Building a culture of zero waste in Brussels

On the 22nd June, 2016, Zero Waste Europe held the closing conference of the project “Town to town, people to people – Building a European Culture of Zero Waste” in Brussels. The project aimed at bringing together European municipalities and environmental organisations in the construction of a new zero waste culture. After the Budapest, Ljubljana and Capannori conferences in November April and May, the final one took place in Brussels on 22nd June. Besides identifying good practices at the local level and helping diffuse them across Europe, this last conference also intended to bring the conclusions of the project to European policy makers. The conference served to present Zero Waste Europe’

On World Environment Day, Majorca presents its plans to start moving away from incineration

Waste management in Majorca has been for long associated with the incineration of waste. With the biggest waste-to-energy incineration plant in Southern Europe, the system has been shaped and impacted by this mega-infrastructure: with average separate collection at 15% and having reached the point of importing waste from Ireland and Italy to feed the facility. However, after a change of government on the island, the region and most of the cities, a new and more environmentally friendly model of waste management is starting to take shape. Fortunately waste is no longer imported to be burned and cities, towns and villages of the island are starting to wake up and transition towards a new model

China city shuts down waste-burning plant project over protests

The mayor of a city in central China made a rare public address calling for calm after thousands of people protested against a waste incineration project over fears it would damage the environment and residents' health. Tens of thousands of "mass incidents" - the usual euphemism for protests - happen in China each year, spurred by grievances over issues such as corruption, pollution and illegal land grabs, unnerving the stability-obsessed ruling Communist Party. The city of Xiantao, in Hubei province, said on Sunday it would suspend the project but protests continued on Monday. Photos posted on social media, which could not be verified by Reuters, showed dozens of riot police on the march. "

Incinerator misses annual income target by £1 million

Fig. 1 The energy-from-waste plant was built at La Collette five years ago JERSEY’S £110 million incinerator is currently generating only two-thirds of its targeted annual income and the shortfall is expected to last for several years, a Scrutiny panel has heard. It was hoped that the incinerator, which was built at La Collette just over five years ago, would generate £2.3 million of revenue each year by 2016 through selling electricity generated by burning the Island’s waste to Jersey Electricity. But Infrastructure Minister Eddie Noel said during a Scrutiny hearing this week that it is currently missing this target by more than £1 million. The minister was asked to explain potential income

Sorting the Trash (Recycling in Petersburg)

Veronika Madyarova Sorting the Trash June 3, 2016 Plastic: burn it or throw it away? A hundredweight of cast iron: turn it in for money or just leave it? And what do Jews have to do with anything? On the eve of World Environment Day, Snob introduces you to people involved in something quite unusual in Russia: waste sorting. Blaming the Jews Again Petersburg has five million residents. Four of them are involved in waste sorting. That would be us, Collection Point [Tochka sbora], and our several thousand customers. We put our green trailer in a supermarket parking lot south of the Obvodny Canal. We accept almost anything recyclable. Fig. 1 Obvodny Canal, Petersburg, May 27, 2016. Phot

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