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Incinerator misses annual income target by £1 million

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Fig. 1 The energy-from-waste plant was built at La Collette five years ago

JERSEY’S £110 million incinerator is currently generating only two-thirds of its targeted annual income and the shortfall is expected to last for several years, a Scrutiny panel has heard.

It was hoped that the incinerator, which was built at La Collette just over five years ago, would generate £2.3 million of revenue each year by 2016 through selling electricity generated by burning the Island’s waste to Jersey Electricity.

But Infrastructure Minister Eddie Noel said during a Scrutiny hearing this week that it is currently missing this target by more than £1 million.

The minister was asked to explain potential income shortfalls identified in States’ financial plans by Deputy Tracey Vallois during the quarterly hearing of the Environment, Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel.



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