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Solid waste management is a mundane and continues problem faced by many cities in Indonesia and worldwide. In Indonesia, every year about 64 ton of municipal wastes generated by approximately 250 million populations (KLHK, 2015). Indonesian wastes are mainly wet and dominated by organic, about 67% with high humidity. Most wastes collected by the city sanitation agency and sent to the final disposal sites or landfills using various techniques: open dumping, controlled landfills and some cities recently have sanitary landfills infrastructures (PUPERA, 2015).


The Waste Management Act No.18 year 2018 stipulated the new paradigm of waste management in Indonesia to adopt waste minimization instead of the end-of-pipe approach. City authorities mandated waste separation from source, increase the composting process of the organic wastes at the community and neighborhood level and recirculate the materials to be recycled into a new product. As a result, since 2009, many cities already issued related regulations to promote waste minimization, recycling and prohibitions to burn the garbage.


However, in February 2016, a new Presidential Decree No.18 year 2016 (known as “Perpres 18/2016”), has been issued pushing for the acceleration of waste management using thermal technologies in 7 cities and convert it to energy. Considering the existing efforts to minimize, reuse and recycle of wastes including the improvement of cities’ landfills, the Decree created a big setback for Indonesian waste management efforts. Therefore, several organizations and concerned individuals, campaigning to promote a correct term of the Zero Waste approach to enforce the existing activities, programs and initiatives that have already implemented in many Indonesian cities considering waste management hierarchy concept, material life cycle, and circular economy.

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